A trio of men from another time. After tragedy and war befell their kingdom, they were sealed away just before their land was completely destroyed. It was many centuries later that they awoke and discovered that their land's complete destruction had been prevented. The evil power that had sought to bring their kingdom to ruins had been sealed away at the last minute. Yet that power had been awakened again, and in order to counter it, the three had been brought out of their slumber.




Nickname: The Destroyer

Favored Weapon: Longsword

Skills: Dark elemental magic

Bio: ---


Nickname: The Negotiator


Prince Yoake

Favored Weapon: Ancient spear

Skills: Weak light elemental magic

Bio: The polite, rational prince that lost his kingdom. While he had struggled along side his father to prevent war from raging, it inevitably came. The towns surrounding his father's castle

were engulfed in flames, its people slaughtered. But the rage behind the evil power that was their opponent was not content with just that. The power dwelled in the form of a man who finally infiltrated the castle and picked off the Royal Family one by one. Yoake could do nothing for his parents nor his siblings,

save for one. Fleeing the castle, he and his sister, Hinode, nearly got away. Unfortunately, the two were found quickly, and all Yoake could remember was incredible pain and his sister's screams.

When Yoake awoke, he was in an unfamiliar land called Termina. He was discovered by a young girl named Lily and she helped him get his bearings. He eventually befriended the Mayor of Clock Town and offered his services for the guard. Yoake was easily trusted and respected. His down to earth nature won him many friends. While he didn't understand why he had been swept to another land and time, he decided to wait and see if the puzzle pieces would come together. His waiting would soon end up with results. A friend of Lily's, a young boy, turned out to be an assassin sent by the evil being that destroyed his kingdom. Though Yoake's skill proved to be better than the shape shifting boy's and he unfortunately struck a killing blow. After watching Lily trying to comfort the boy with his last few breaths, Yoake decided to move on from Clock Town.

While traveling through a forest in Termina, Yoake soon found himself in another land called Hyrule. It was here that he was reunited with two of his old friends, Kashoku and then Kuro. The men would unfortunately find that the man, named Zero, who murdered their royal family was in Hyrule as well. Yet another discovery was made, that Yoake's sister, Hinode was with them as well. Though she had been reborn, unlike the rest of those from their time, and had no memory at all of who she used to be. Over time she learned, and Yoake was happy to have his sister again.




Nickname: The Klutz

Favored Weapon: Broadsword

Skills: Incredible amount of agility

Bio: This outspoken hot head was a soldier in a kingdom long since destroyed. He was friends with the heir to the throne and another soldier like himself. Though when war came to the kingdom, he was sent to protect the castle's town. As he fought to protect the people, he was suddenly encased in a sphere and the next thing he knew he was awake in a completely different place and time. Deciding not to worry too much about it, he quickly became an apprentice for a blacksmith in a place called Hyrule Castle Town. While he enjoyed his work, Kashoku also enjoyed the sights of the younger female population in the town. He was often scolded for flirting, though with all of it, he never got a girlfriend. Despite what he told himself, he was more concerned with finding out what had happened to the kingdom he served. He would later find out when his friend and prince, Yoake, appeared in town. Later they would find Kuro along with their princess and the man responsible for killing the royal family.

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