The Healers of Termina was the name given to a group of four who saved Termina from an eternity of sorrow and despair. When a sorceress by the name of Neon discovered their world, she set in motion a plan to consume all emotions save for ones of sadness. In response to her actions, a young witch named Hanah, a little girl named Lily, a theif called Flora, and a mysterious man named Sai raced against time to destroy each of the four Sorrow Seeds planted above Clock Town's gates. All four were uneffected by Neon's spells perhaps due to their magical abilities yet they nearly failed. Termina was just beginning to fall to despair when Neon was defeated. With their combined powers, the Healers managed to save what had been destroyed. And Termina was saved.

They were not an official group like their counterparts the Protectors of Hyrule , but they did stay together for a few months. However, in the end, they had their own lives to get back to.


Weapon: Wind Blade


Special Skill: Air and healing magic, herbalism, and potion making

Bio: Hanah came from a long line of witches that practiced air magic and the mastery of the Wind Blade. It was traditional for every first born girl to be taught how to wield the powerful sword. However, this was not the case for Hanah. She was the middle child, with one older sister and a younger brother. It was assumed that her sister would be the next Wind Blade Master and so Hanah was not trained very well in wind magic but rather in herbalism and potion making. Around age ten, her sister began her training for the Wind Blade, however, their mother who was teaching her fell ill. Because Hanah's sister had focused on her air magic, she had no knowledge on how to heal their mother and she perished some time later.

Until that moment, Hanah's family had been happy. But with the death of her mother, everything began to fall apart.    They lived in Ikana Canyon and one day, while her little brother was playing, he was snatched up by a Gibdo that had strayed from the Well. Feeling responsible that she couldn't protect him nor save their mother, Hanah's sister ran away, abandoning her title as the next Wind Blade Master. All that remained of their broken family was her father. While he tried to be there for his daughter, the loss of two children and his wife kept him away from home. And one day he never came back. Left alone at thirteen, Hanah had to struggle to survive on her own.

Eventually she began selling healing potions in Clock Town. She'd travel twice a week on her broom, her weak air magic carrying her. But because she was not ashamed of showing that she was a witch to the world, the townspeople were often distrusting of her. The soldiers especially disliked her way of entering the town through the sky rather than through one of the gates. Alone and not trusted, Hanah tried to remain positive and cheerful, and took gratitude in the friendship of the Ikana scientist and his daughter Pamela.

At age fourteen, life hadn't improved much for Hanah. Though, one day while she was on her way to sell potions, she felt a strange energy coming from Clock Town. Once inside the walls, she noticed that everyone was lethargic or looking really down in the dumps. She managed to locate and destroy what was causing all of it and learned of a sorceress named Neon's plans. Along her adventure to stop Neon, she met Flora, Lily, and Sai. Together, the four of them would be known as the Healers of Termina after their success over defeating Neon. During this time, Hanah struggled with her handicapped magical abilities. Because of her lack of air elemental training, every time she used magic, she'd feel exhausted. Without the other three, Hanah knew she would have surely lost to Neon. At the final battle with the sorceress, Hanah questioned not only herself but also her reason for protecting a place that shunned her. Later on the townsfolk would wonder this as well, and came to be more sympathetic toward the witch girl. But it was the right thing to do in Hanah's eyes.

With Neon gone, Hanah tried to get to know the other three Healers. Ever since her first encounter with Flora, she had come to admire the strong older girl. She wanted to be like Flora in a sense, save for being a theif. Sai was a little more difficult for her to interact with. He kept to himself for the most part and his short temper couldn't quite handle her cheery one. She also couldn't get over the incredible aura that she felt from him. He was powerful but never gave off any clues as to why. Lily was easier to approach because the little girl was so eager to be around another mage. However, Lily saw Hanah as someone who could help train her and constantly pestered the witch about it. As sad as it was, Hanah was thankful when the girl became distracted with other friends.

Within a few months, Flora and Sai had left, and Lily was busy with her own life thanks to her parents. With time to herself once again, Hanah went back to her daily routines before Neon came, though she began to practice with magic more. But without anyone to help her, she wasn't going anywhere with her training. At one point she met a newcomer to Clock Town, a girl around her age from an entirely different land called Hyrule. This girl was named Jin. They quickly became friends due to their similar personalities and Jin even brought Hanah along with her to Hyrule where she met the rest of Jin's friends. But Termina was her home, and while Hanah loved being around Jin and her friends, she tried not to get too involved with Hyrule's issues. The witch would visit occassionally, but that was about it. ---


Weapon: None


Special Skill: Powerful air magic abilities

Bio: ---


Weapon: Dagger that she can manipulate the length of

Special Skill: Some healing and light magic

Bio: After losing her parents at a young age, Flora grew up on the streets. For most of her life, she blamed her parents for leaving her alone. She had to learn to survive on her own and naturally became a thief. Life was rough, but her skills with using light magic to blind people benefited her in escaping. Regardless of her tough exterior, Flora was still level headed and showed some kindness in her own way.

When she came to Clock Town, she discovered a city full of easy targets. All of the people were too out of it to really notice her stealing from them. Shortly after, she was confronted by a younger witch girl who explained the situation to her. More curious than anything, Flora helps Hanah destroy one of the monsters responsible. The next day, she discovered a crying child who was seperated from her parents. The very sight of the girl angered Flora, memories of her own similar experience coming back. She yelled at the child, who she later learned was named Lily, and might have continued on if Hanah hadn't stopped her. Fleeing in anger, Flora eventually returned to save Hanah and Lily in a fight. Though they were victorious, Flora is captured and taken to the sorceress Neon where she is encased in a one of the Sorrow Seeds that she had been responsible for destroying. She nearly succumbed to the negative thoughts that haunted her mind while she was trapped. But with one small light of hope left, Flora let it bloom and broke free, aiding in the destruction of Neon and the healing of Termina. After their victory, Flora remained in Termina for a couple of months, but she never could stay in one place for too long and left Termina.


Weapon: None

Special Skill: Can use all elements of magic but has not mastered any

Bio: A young girl who lives with her parents in Clock Town. Ever since she was small, she has had the ability to use elemental magic. Neither of her parents were capable of using magic, so it terrified them that their child could. They had no idea what she could be capable of and constantly told her not to use her powers for fear of her hurting herself. Despite their scolding, Lily practiced in secret. And while she made sure to use her magic for good, she became more and more frustrated that her parents couldn't see that.

One day, Lily's parents left her alone at home while they went shopping in West Clock Town. This was a usual occurence so Lily didn't mind. In face, it gave her some private time to work on her magic. Though her parents never returned that evening. Thinking they were caught up visiting a friend, their daughter went to bed only to find that they still were missing. Terrified, Lily left home and began to search the town for them. She began to panic as time went on and finally fell to the ground, sobbing, until someone approached her. A young woman started yelling at her about how she should accept the fact that she was alone. Not liking this one bit, Lily's cries only intensified until another girl intervened. The first stranger left and the second tried to calm Lily down. The young girl was distrustful of her, and after the stranger explained a little of what was going on, Lily fled toward West Clock Town. In her own sorrow, she had not noticed that the town was much different that day. And when she came to West Clock Town, she found monsters and her parents in a comatose state. Working together with the two strangers she had met before, the three girls fought the monsters and won. However, their victory was short lived and Lily was captured. Trapped, Lily nearly gave into her own sorrow and frustrations over her parents. But a part of her still loved them and forgave them. This love freed her from her prison within an emotion draining crystal and she was able to combine her power with three others and defeat the Sorceress Neon.

Lily was still young, so she could not easily be a defender of a land. While her parents were proud, they did not approve of their daughter fighting monsters, so she was quickly pulled away from the Healer group. She was never really able to connect with Sai nor Flora since they left a few months after. But she was able to befriend Hanah. After seeing how the townsfolk treated her, Lily felt an affinity for the older girl since they were both magic users. She also tried to get Hanah to train her, but the witch kept insisting against it. 

Hanah was not her only friend. While playing on her own, Lily met a peculiar man named Yoake. He was kind but didn't know where he was. Eager to help, Lily gave him a tour of Clock Town. After that, he made his temporary home there, at least until he could figure some things out about himself. It was a little too difficult for Lily to understand, but she enjoyed playing together with him in his free moments. Around this time, she met another new person who was closer to her age. It was a boy with a very similar story to Yoake's. However this boy could not even remember who he was. He was simply wandering around outside the town's walls when Lily happened upon him. He could remember his name, which was Ace. The two became quick friends, both realizing their new friend had magical abilities just like them. But tragedy awaited this pair. Lily soon found out that her friend was sent to Termina to assassinate Yoake. Ace was filled with hatred for the older man and in a duel against him he ultimately lost his life. Though not before Lily was able to bring back happier memories to him.  This event would age Lily mentally and she became more serious about learning her powers properly so that this would never happen again.


Weapon: None

Special Skill: Powerful restoration and magical abilities

Bio: An old and powerful sorcerer, however he can't remember who he truly is. All that he has is a pendant tied around his wrist. Any thoughts of trying to remove it troubled him so greatly, Sai decided not to bother doing so. He was asleep for thousands of years, sealed by an incantation that read "Pure Healing, Evil Destruction". When he was awoken, it was by someone of a pure heart. Someone who he can't remember either. It is his belief that he was meant to destroy, after all why would he have the amount of power that he does? But if he was awoken by someone good, then wouldn't that mean he was meant for the opposite of destruction? These were questions that plagued him as he traveled from his place of slumber to the nearest town. Along the way, he learned that he could not be killed, despite the injuries he sustained. Sleep also frightened him. He would not allow himself to rest for too long, for fear of finding himself in the same situation as when he woke.

When he finally arrived at a town, he found it to be lifeless. While it was not empty, it was lifeless in the fact that everyone wasn't doing anything. There was one person who was different, it was a young girl. Sai was not a socialable sort of person and demanded from the girl that she tell him what was going on. He was met with suspicion but eventually he learned of the town's situation. Sai couldn't care less about the people here, yet he didn't like another sorceror like himself trying to take over. Assisting the girl named Hanah, he helped her and her friends defeat the sorceress. Celebrated as a hero, the fame quickly bored Sai and he moved on, not taking much time to get to know the other three girls he had helped save an entire world with.

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