The Neo Protectors of Hyrule were a group of children comprised of nearly each race in Hyrule. They were chosen to take the place of the Protectors later on when they wanted to retire. Each child was assigned to a Protector based on the child's interests and skills. After three years together, they were split apart and trained extensively seperately. However, this proved to be the undoing of the group. The children had changed so drastically in that time that they could not sync well with another. And thus the Neos were disbanded.


Nickname: Raze

Race: Zora

Mentor: Shard

Favored Weapon: Polearms

Bio: Heroic and brave. Rapid was expected to become the leader of the Neos once they had finished their training. Brought in at age ten, he was very much the rules boy and tried to stress to the other children they follow his example. He was able to befriend Oak because of this, though Oak was a little too smart for him and Rapid felt awkward listening to him talk sometimes. He also became friends with Alexis, eventually developing a crush on her. Though these feelings were never returned.

As he matured, Rapid developed more into a couragous young man. He thought his crush on Alexis had faded, yet this was not the case when he reunited with her after five years. He realized the feelings were there, but he kept his distance. Unfortunately his training had made him excessively independent to the point where he didn't work well with others.  And after learning Alexis' past life, he alienated himself from her even more


Nickname: Alek

Race: Hylian

Mentor: Daze

Favored Weapon: One handed swords

Bio: Alexis was one of the younger Neos, being only eight when she was recruited in. She was a sweet girl but she was not ready for the harsh realities of the world. The child startled easily and came to be known as the Neo's scardy cat. If any of the others picked on her, mostly Jade, Rapid was usually there to defend her. Because of his interventions, they eventually became close friends. She also befriended Roc and Herb simply because of their shared love of flowers. While many of the other children admired their mentors, Alexis was the only Neo who did not. Daze was too cold and harsh and she often found herself quickly becoming more attatched to Jin who had more personality and made her feel more appreciated. She also couldn't help but feel some sort of draw to the mysterious Kuro. While she never saw much of him, save for when he was bickering with Jin, she could never shake the feeling.

After her five year training period, Alexis returned to Hyrule Castle a completely different person. Her training had been so strenuous that it broke her mentally. No longer was she a sweet and kind girl, but a cold and emotionless young woman. She had little to no fear, however, it was hard for the other Neos to connect with her again. Even Rapid had trouble. While he was able to bring out a little emotion from her, it was never permanent. It was around this time after her training that Alexis found out she was the reincarnated princess of Kuro's past. While she couldn't remember everything at first, it steadily came back to her. She was confused and unwilling to accept her previous life at first. But with the help of Yoake and Kuro, Alexis began to come to terms with her previous life's past.

While she was happy to have Kuro's full attention, she wasn't so eager at first to continue the romance they had before. Alexis was still trying to melt from her cold state. She was quick to refuse Kuro and he kept his distance until she warmed up. The two finally began to develop a relationship and several years later, Alexis and Kuro eventually married and had a son named Ryu.


Race: Kokiri

Mentor: Leer

Favored Weapon: Bow

Bio: Possibly the most carefree member of the Neos. Herb was usually in a world of her own. So enchanted by the world outside the forest that she hardly had any mental capacity to pay attention to people around her. The only times she could be brought back to focus was during her training with Leer. He managed to find a way to direct all of her attention to what she was shooting at and she wasn't too bad at it. However, because of what she was, Herb could not stay with the other children for long. She had been gifted with a special seed by the Deku Sprout to allow her to leave the forest for several hours. But it always needed to be recharged at the end of that period. For the short amount of time she was around the children, she was able to make two friends; Roc and Alexis. While Herb didn't spend too much time trying to really get to know them, she still had fun playing together with them.

The five year training proved to be disastrous for the Kokiri girl. It nearly broke her carefree nature and stained her enchantment with the outside world. While she became more mature, she was also through with everything and returned to the forest. She never left again.


Race:  Deku Scrub

Mentor: Rage

Class: Mage

Bio: The bookworm of the children. Oak came into the group at age nine, and was not quite so popular with the other children because of his snooty attitude. He was usually left alone, but he hardly cared, preferring to absorb himself in the books of the castle's library. He did spend some time with Rapid, but the conversations usually wound up with him talking the Zora boy's ear out. For his training with Rage, Oak did very well at spell casting. He admired his mentor, often referring to him as "Master" rather than by his name.

Once Oak's training finished, he was even more powerful. Out of all the Neos, he was the most successful but he was the only one that could work with others. He later returned to the forest and remained there until his skills were ever called upon.


Race: Gerudo

Mentor: Alabaster

Favored Weapon: Daggers

Bio: Jade was not the most popular out of all the Neos. Because she was a Gerudo, she was very headstrong and knew what she wanted. She wasn't afraid to be blunt and often bullied the more timid children, especially Alexis. While she was fantastic at her lessons with Alabaster, she was more often absent from them, spending her time in Hyrule Town trying to form a clique with many of the children there.

Training for five years nearly killed her, in her opinion that is, simply because she had to be isolated from others. But once it was over, Jade went all out by dating any guy that looked cute to her. One good thing came out of her training and that was she learned to appreciate life. But it was more of a  "you only live once" mentality.


Race: Goron

Mentor: Jin

Favored Weapon: His fists

Bio: Despite being a Goron, Roc was a very gentle child. He had a great appreciation for flowers and was very careful when he walked in fields of them. Even at age nine, he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up and that was to open up his own Bomb Flower shop in Goron City. Thoroughly confused by this uncharacteristic trait, Jin tried to toughen Roc up. But seperating the boy from flowers for too long brought on a terrible depression and he would become too lazy to do much of anything but mope. Eventually Jin caved and made sure all of their training locations had flowers in them. It was difficult for him to connect with the male children, but Roc made friends with Herb and Alexis.

Sadly, Roc was the only Neo to fail his training. He couldn't last long fighting and eventually gave up on it. He was just too much of a pacifist. When he became an adult, he was able to successfully start his own Bomb Flower business in Kakariko Village. Sometimes he would make visits to Hyrule Town to deliver some of his products to the shops there.


Race: Skull Kid

Mentor: None

Class: Mage 

Bio: An unofficial Neo who was dragged into their affairs by his older sister Yoko. Chandra was a shy loner who preferred to wander the Lost Woods and play his flute. His only companion was his sister, even if she was more of his protector than anything else. He never really cared to be a part of the Neo's group, much to his sister's disappointment, and usually left the children alone whenever they came to the forest.


Race: Skull Kid

Mentor: None

Favored Weapon: Crossbow

Bio: Despite the fact she was not part of the Neo Protectors, she still claimed that she was one. After discovering the Neos on a field trip to the Lost Woods, Yoko dragged her brother along with her to play tricks on the children. Once she discovered the children were in what sounded like a fanclub to her, she immediately demanded her and her brother become members. Of course her demands were ignored, but she didn't care. Regardless of what they said, she was one. That is until they all grew up, then Yoko abandoned her fake title.

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